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LefelDisgrifiadArchifDyddiadRhif Archif
LefelItemDisgrifiadArchaeological survey for Benallt Iron and Manganese Mine, Aberdaron, incorporating Rhiw and Ty Canol mines carried out by Wardell Armstrong Consultants.ArchifAdditional InformationDyddiadRhif Archif6025492
LefelItemDisgrifiadview looking N.ArchifLL2012 - RCAHMW Uplands Initiative Llanuwchllyn Survey ArchiveDyddiadRhif Archif6407410
LefelItemDisgrifiadDigital colour photograph showing Ynys Ettws (east of), taken in 2021.ArchifPRD - Paul R. Davis CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif2022-12-14_4944
LefelItemDisgrifiadColour negative showing Georga and Dragon, Knighton, produced by William R. Hughes, Cadw, April 1985.ArchifCLBN - Cadw Listed Buildings 35mm Colour Negative CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6544402
LefelItemDisgrifiadRCAHMW colour oblique photograph of Old Fox Hall, Enclosure. Taken by Toby Driver on 04/10/2011.ArchifAP - RCAHMW Colour Oblique Digital Aerial PhotographsDyddiadRhif Archif6469786
LefelItemDisgrifiadPen and ink drawing, showing interior view of St Peter's Church, Johnston. Published as Fig.184 in the Pembrokeshire Inventory and dated 1922.ArchifMP - Mervyn Pritchard CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6504408
LefelItemDisgrifiadRCAHMW colour oblique aerial photograph of Penrhos Camp Civil War Earthworks taken on 26/05/2004 by Toby DriverArchifAP - RCAHMW Colour Oblique Digital Aerial PhotographsDyddiadRhif Archif6191397
LefelItemDisgrifiadColour aerial photo showing Castell Bryn Amlwg, taken by Paul R. Davis, 31st March 2016.ArchifPRD - Paul R. Davis CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6479380
LefelItemDisgrifiadBlack and white negative: no details provided [probably of Pen Gawse. PRN 3060].ArchifTJA - Terry James Aerial Photographic CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6327056
LefelItemDisgrifiadview looking NW.ArchifDMB2012 - RCAHMW Uplands Initiative Dinas Mawddwy-Brithdir Survey ArchiveDyddiadRhif Archif6407493