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LefelDisgrifiadArchifDyddiadRhif Archif
LefelBatchDisgrifiadPhotographic survey comprising mounted b/w prints showing redevelopment of the "To Steal a Mountain Mural" at the Welsh Slate Museum, Llanberis, part of the ongoing redevelopment programme.ArchifWelsh Slate Museum Redevelopment PhotographsDyddiadRhif Archif6022321
LefelBatchDisgrifiadPart of a photographic survey comprising mounted black & white prints showing the centre block of the Welsh Slate Museum, taken during the redevelopment & renovation work carried out at the museum (formerly the workshop of the Llanberis Slate Quarry) during 1996-1997.ArchifWelsh Slate Museum Redevelopment PhotographsDyddiadRhif Archif6022334
LefelItemDisgrifiadDigital colour photograph showing part of the interoir of All Saints Church, Gresford.ArchifGCP - Gresford Church PhotographsDyddiadRhif Archif6221218
LefelCollectionDisgrifiadCollection of material, including measured drawings photographs and notes relating to a number of sites in Wales produced by Paul R. Davis.ArchifPRD - Paul R. Davis CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6202414
LefelItemDisgrifiadFont detail of stone carvingArchifNMR Site FilesDyddiadRhif Archif6280763
LefelItemDisgrifiadInterior view.ArchifNMR Site FilesDyddiadRhif Archif6373977
LefelItemDisgrifiadRCAHMW black and white oblique aerial photograph of The Nab Head. Taken by Toby Driver on 13/06/2003ArchifRCAHMW Black and White Oblique Aerial PhotographsDyddiadRhif Archif6164508
LefelItemDisgrifiadRCAHMW colour oblique photograph of Coed Cwmrban, field enclosure, non-archaeological. Taken by Toby Driver on 04/10/2007.ArchifAP - RCAHMW Colour Oblique Digital Aerial PhotographsDyddiadRhif Archif6475918
LefelItemDisgrifiadDetail of steps in quay wall. NA/GEN/98/004ArchifInvestigators' PhotographsDyddiadRhif Archif6242045
LefelItemDisgrifiadRCAHMW colour oblique photograph of Landscape Rhyd-afallen Valley. Taken by Toby Driver on 26/10/2012.ArchifAP - RCAHMW Colour Oblique Digital Aerial PhotographsDyddiadRhif Archif6476782