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LefelDisgrifiadArchifDyddiadRhif Archif
LefelBatchDisgrifiadRough excavation notes and sketches from Conwy Mountain, including a rough inventory of findsArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419379
LefelBatchDisgrifiadNotes, drafts and corrections of reports based on Conwy MountainArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419375
LefelBatchDisgrifiadPhotocopied pages from the Calendar of Ancient Correspondence concerning Wales, and photocopied hand written research notes on BlaenllynfiArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419401
LefelBatchDisgrifiadReport titled 'Symon's Castle, Churchstoke, Powys: Interim Report 1989'ArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419430
LefelBatchDisgrifiadCorrespondence and hand written notes relating to gaining permission for a second excavation on Conwy Mountain in 1952ArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419390
LefelBatchDisgrifiadVarious extensive notes on Conwy Castle, typed and hand written (possibly two different handwritings)ArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419371
LefelBatchDisgrifiad'Report on an excavation against the North Ballroom wall, outer courtyardArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419426
LefelBatchDisgrifiadA letter and attached material relating to Blaenllynfi Castle, including sketch map (photocopy), a history of the castle and an excavation summary. Also, a handwritten version of the excavation summary and a plan of Blaenllynfi Castle showing where excavations have taken placeArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419393
LefelBatchDisgrifiadThree interim reports on Bryn y Castell; 1979-1980, 1984 and 1985ArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419433
LefelBatchDisgrifiadCorrespondence: Relating to finding the depositor of archival material found useful in Abercamddwr research, and conversations with I. W. Cornwall of University of London about the contents of an archeaological findArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419341