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LefelDisgrifiadArchifDyddiadRhif Archif
LefelBatchDisgrifiadCorrespondence: Relating to organising volunteers and accomodation for the excavation work at Tre'r CeiriArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419199
LefelBatchDisgrifiadCorrespondence: Relating to organising tools and other practicalities for the excavation work at Tre'r Ceiri, as well as an annotated aerial image of Tre'r CeiriArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419200
LefelBatchDisgrifiadCorrespondence: Relating to permissions to dig from the Ministry of Works and from the Tre'r Ceiri land ownerArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419198
LefelBatchDisgrifiadMounted photographs taken during the 1956 Tre'r Ceiri excavationArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419273
LefelBatchDisgrifiadDraft reports on Tre'r Ceiri, handwritten and typed. Also includes sketches and a very small amount decades older correspondence relating to the siteArchifEXC - Excavations CollectionDyddiadRhif Archif6419262