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LefelGroupDisgrifiadCopy of an article entitled "The History of a Breconshire Farm Tyn-y-Llwyn" by Pamela Redwood published in Brycheiniog, vol 26. Accompanied by a set of images taken for the publication by Jenny Barnes.ArchifAdditional InformationDyddiadRhif Archif6442114
LefelGroupDisgrifiadColour photographic survey of the stair at 34 Great Darkgate Street, taken by John Evans, Summer 1997.ArchifAdditional InformationDyddiadRhif Archif6442113
LefelGroupDisgrifiadColour photographic survey, with key and index, of the barn at The Warrage, taken as a condition of planning consent, 2012.ArchifAdditional InformationDyddiadRhif Archif6442112
LefelGroupDisgrifiadNine postcards showing general views of Machynlleth, undated but all probably first half of the twentieth century.ArchifAdditional InformationDyddiadRhif Archif2023-11-30_1426
LefelGroupDisgrifiadVarious material, mainly photographs, taken by RCAHMW investigators c1980-1990 of various sites in Wales.ArchifAdditional InformationDyddiadRhif Archif2023-11-28_7227
LefelGroupDisgrifiadPhotographs and documents relating to Epworth School, Rhyl found among her late husbands papers and donated by Mary Wild.ArchifAdditional InformationDyddiadRhif Archif6525772
LefelGroupDisgrifiadCopies of "London Water Welsh Supply - Remains of Measuring Weirs on the Rivers Wye, Irfon, Edw, Ysgir Fawr", a booklet of photographs, maps and 'Everyone can have their own bathwater - the astonishing story of London's bid to capture a Welsh River' by Richard R. Rees, c. 2015. collected by David Leighton.ArchifAdditional InformationDyddiadRhif Archif2023-04-06_6289
LefelGroupDisgrifiadA timeline for Colby Lodge and Garden (beginning 1751 with John Colby's birth, ending in 2003-04 with planting of exotic shrubs); a colour copy of a plan showing land in the parish of Amble, dated 1843; a colour copy of a plan of the garden, dated 1933, a copy of a map showing proposed woodlands, dated 2008 and a plan of footpaths on the Colby Estate produced by the National Trust. Produced or collected by David Leighton.ArchifAdditional InformationDyddiadRhif Archif2023-04-06_6287