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Llys Bradwen

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Cyfeirnod MapSH61SE
Cyfeirnod GridSH6501013855
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Gwynedd
Hen SirMerioneth
Math O SafleLLYS
Midway along a terrace on the north bank of a stream is a roughly square enclosure, about 34m across, with an annex, 15-16m across on the east side. Traditionally this is the court, or llys, of Ednowain ap Bradwen, a legendary early medieval chieftain. Roman pottery has also been found on the site.

The main enclosure is defined by a 1.6m wide bank revetted on both sides by orthostatic (earth fast) stones and boulders, except on the north where it rests under the terrace scarp. Scarps also define two sides of the annex which otherwise has similar banks. The entrance to the main enclosure lies just south of annex. The Roman pottery was found at the foot of the southern bank.
There is a patch of old cultivation marks above the terrace to the north and these appear to have overlain the enclosure.
Possible circular building stances have been identified to the west and south-east.

It is possible that this is an enclosed settlement such as are characteristic of the later-Prehistoric, Roman and early medieval period, albeit one of an unusual form. However, it is not possible to advance any interpretation with any degree of certainty. It may be that this is the actual court of a legendary chieftain.

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John Wiles, RCAHMW, 6 July 2007