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Tramway Bridge-incline Stage 2, Llanfoist Inclines

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Cyfeirnod MapSO21SE
Cyfeirnod GridSO2799312729
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Monmouthshire
Hen SirSir Fynwy
CymunedLlanfoist Fawr
Associated with incline stage 2 (NPRN 91649) of the Llanfoist inclines (NPRN 405096), is a bridge which originally carried the tramway and enabled the safe passage of people and animals beneath it. This, together with a tunnel on incline stage 3 (NPRN 405110) were the two crossing points along the course of the inclines, and would have provided access between otherwise bisected farm land. The Llanfoist tithe map of 1844 shows the position of this bridge at which date it enabled access to the fields leased by John Tucker of Pen-y-Graig farm (NPRN 270148) from Rev. David Jones.

A 3.4m section of this rubble stone bridge survives. It is 1.9m wide with an asymmetrical arch and has been blocked with a stonewall at its northern end. The south east face of the bridge is still exposed, but this does not mark its fall extent as a 2.5m stretch of the eastern side wall continues to the southeast and a depression in the ground clearly shows its original extent. The northwest side of the bridge is buried, and beyond this nothing of the structure survives. It can be suggested that the bridge would originally have been around 18m long.

Incline stage 2 was surveyed by RCAHMW in December 2004 at the request of Cadw and World Heritage Site Partnership to provide an accurate and comprehensive archaeological record of the monument.

Louise Barker, RCAHMW, 18th October 2006.