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Cathays Park, Cardiff

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Cyfeirnod MapST17NE
Cyfeirnod GridST1813577064
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Caerdydd
Hen SirGlamorgan
CymunedCastle (Cardiff)
Math O SaflePARC
Cathays Park, originating as a private park laid out from 1812, was purchased for the public in 1897. The survival, as integral parts of the original layout of the park, of the three garden areas: Alexandra Gardens, Gorsedd Gardens and Friary Gardens, is noteworthy. Each has its own different character and each retains its original layout. The setting of these gardens is a magnificent group of public buildings forming Cardiff's Civic Centre (nprn 401617) and its attendant tree-lined spacious roads, the layout of which reflects the underlying earlier park. The War Memorial (nprn 32845) in Alexandra Gardens is of exceptional quality and forms an imposing focal point for the gardens. The 'Dutch Garden' of Friary Gardens survives in excellent condition.
RCAHMW, 06 November 2008.
application/pdfCPG - Cadw Parks and Gardens Register DescriptionsCadw Parks and Gardens Register text description of Cathays Park, Cathays. Parks and Gardens Register Number PGW(GM)026(CDF).