Nid oes gennych resi chwilio datblygedig. Ychwanegwch un trwy glicio ar y botwm '+ Ychwanegu Rhes'

Trewen, Caerwent, Enclosed Settlement

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Cyfeirnod MapST49SE
Cyfeirnod GridST4558091310
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Sir Fynwy
Hen SirSir Fynwy
Incomplete cropmarks of square and rectangular enclosures, discovered during Royal Commission aerial reconnaissance on 23rd July 2001, were originally thought to be the remains of a settlement or field system of Roman or medieval date. New aerial photography of the site on 22nd July 2013 (image references AP_2013_4283-4294) considerably clarified the layout of this complex and interesting site and now suggests the survival of an unusual lowland enclosed settlement of the Iron Age or Romano-British periods.

The 2013 aerial photography shows cropmarks of a ditched settlement comprising five main enclosures arranged in a contiguous line, almost a 'ladder' settlement, aligned north-north-east by south-south-west. Clear relative stratigraphic relationships suggest that the settlement began life as the main, central enclosure, with those to the north and south being subsequently added. This main enclosure, measuring 63m x 96m, is unusual in containing a large 23m diameter circular ring ditch in its north-west corner (centred at ST 4557 9134). Whether this is the footing for a substantial round house, a shrine or temple, or indeed the enclosure of a pre-existing Bronze Age barrow, is uncertain.

The site was enlarged with the addition of a rectangular enclosure to the north, 58m x 86m, with an east facing entrance and a further incomplete enclosure beyond. To the south was added an additional rectangular enclosure, 70m x 92m, to which was appended a further smaller enclosure measuring 50m square with an internal subdivision at the north end. In all, the enclosed settlement stretches for some 314m and encloses some 2.5 hectares. The settlement lies just under a kilometre east of Five Lanes Roman villa (NPRN 405453) with its rectilinear field system and the two settlements may be related.

Further elements of what appear to be an extensive field system have been recorded at Trewen, 200m to the south (NPRN 260018), and at Oaklands Farm (NPRN 405455) and Five Lanes (NPRN 405454), 500m to the west.

T. Driver, RCAHMW, 2013