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Gwys-yr-Ychen-Bannog, Boundary Bank

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Cyfeirnod MapSN76SW
Cyfeirnod GridSN7307061480
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Ceredigion
Hen SirCeredigion
CymunedYstrad Fflur
Cwys-yr-Ychen-Bannog ('the furrow of the horned oxen')

This is an intermittent bank, about 2.5 metres wide and up to 0.3 metres high, with a ditch on its southern side, about 1.0 metre wide and 0.4 metres deep, running west northwest to east southeast for about 1.8 kilometres, from a spring on the northwest-facing slopes of Y Bryn, above Parc, to a group of cairns (see Nprn303651) on Garn Gron, marking the boundary between Caron-Is-Clawdd & Caron-Uwch-Clawdd.

There are three mapped sections of this feature which generally match up with what can be seen on the ground :
i. NPRN 529403 - a 370m stretch running from the spring at SN72156179, crossing the ridge of Y Bryn & terminating in a marshy saddle at SN72516167; The line of a minor watercourse may extend the run of the feature to the west northwest by a further 276m.
ii. NPRN 529092 - following a gap of 570m across generally level ground, the feature resumes at SN73076148, running 310m up the NW face of a spur of Garn Gron, terminating at SN73356135, at the top of the slope;
iii. NPRN 529093- following a gap of 280m across a marshy basin, a 280m stretch runs from SN73666121 to SN73836113, up the final ascent to the summit area of Garn Gron.

J.J. Hall, Trysor, 28 March 2013