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Chirk Motte, Identified with Castell-y-Waun

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Cyfeirnod MapSJ23NE
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Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Wrexham
Hen SirDenbighshire
Math O SafleTOMEN
Chirk Motte is a circular flat-topped mound about 30m in diameter and 5.7m high, with no trace of a ditch. This is identified as a castle mound, specifically the Castell-y-Waun mentioned in 1165 and 1212. It is located in the planned borough of Chirk, occupying a prominent corner plot facing the church. The borough recieved its first charter in 1324 and can be associated with the later, greater castle 2km to the west.

The mound was the central feature of the ornamental garden to the rear of The Mount, a mid eighteenth century house (NPRN 27532). As depicted on the Ordnance Survey County series 1st edition (Denbigh. XL.10 1872) the mound was set within what appears to be a subrectangular enclosure or platform, roughly 50m across. Other than this there are no traces of other castle earthworks.

John Wiles, RCAHMW, 15th June 2007