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Malator; Druidston Haven Earth House

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Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Sir Benfro
Hen SirSir Benfro
CymunedNolton and Roch
Math O Safle
Malator is a contemporary earth-built house, built in 1994 by Future Systems architectural practice, London.

" Our objective has been to minimise the visual impact of the building and to site it in a way that makes the house appear a natural part of the landscape . The soft, organic form of the building is designed to melt into the rugged grass and gorse landscape, the roof and sides of the house being turfed with local vegetation. Views of the house are therefore only of grasses and the transparent glass walls outlined only by a slim stainless steel trim - an eye overlooking the sea. The surrounding landscape remains untouched with no visible boundary lines or designated garden area, ensuring the building is perceived as a natural part of the landscape. The simple plan is open and informal to reflect the lifestyle of the clients with the main seating area arranged around an open log fire. Two free standing, brightly coloured, prefabricated pods house the bathroom and kitchen services without touching the roof in order that the space is perceived as a totality. A continuous blockwork retaining wall and steel ring beam support the roof eliminating the need for internal columns. The curved plywood underbelly creates a softness to the interior, complimenting the organic form of the structure."

Statement from Future Systems website, (c) Future Systems.

T Driver

Illustrated in: Driver, T. 2007. Pembrokeshire, Historic Landscapes from the Air, RCAHMW, page 74, Figure 112.

T. Driver, 28 June 2007.
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