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Llechwedd, Lledrod

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Llechwedd, Lledrod, is a probably 19th century, derelict clay-walled cottage of central-entry plan-type with a substantial stone platformed siting. It may occupy an older site. Planning application for demolition 2003.

Llechwedd Farmhouse first appears as a rented farm with some 84 acres on the 1844 Llangwyryfon Tithe Map. The rent consists of a farmhouse, farm buildings, yard, garden, waste, plantation, pasture, meadow, arable land and a cottage with garden. Of the 81 acres 41 is arable, suggesting the farm predominantly produces crops. In 1844 the land is owned by Sarah Elizabeth Williams and rented by David Richards. The 1841 Census shows us that David Richards (b.1801), Mary Richards (b.1806), Daniel Richards (b.1835), Jane Morgan (b.1837), William Jones (b.1826), Catherine Lewis (b.1821) and Margaret Jones (b.1827) are living at Llechwedd during this period; it is likely that the latter 3 or 4 were living in the cottage listed on the tithe.

From local knowledge we are told that the farmhouse was occupied until 1941, when a husband and wife were still working a small area of land around the house. Shortly after it became uninhabited the doors were salvaged by a local man from Lledrod and the house was left to become ruinous. The current owner remembers playing in the derelict house as a child.

Ross Cook & Geoff Ward, RCAHMW. August 2013

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