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Customs and Excise Office, Roath Basin, Cardiff Bay

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Archif6016630TeitlAdditional InformationLefelItemDisgrifiadCustoms & Excise Office, Roath Basin, Cardiff Bay; report and addendum on the scheme for the dismantling and re-erection of the Customs & Excise Building, produced by Holder Mathias & Alcock, dated September/October 1992.CyfrwngGraphic, Text, Photo.Delweddaun
Archif6509101TeitlDS2018_464_006 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLefelItemDisgrifiadColour photograph showing exterior of the Custom and Excise Office, Roath Basin, Butetown, Cardiff. Photographed during survey conducted by Adam N. Coward on 17th July 2018.CyfrwngPhoto.Delweddauy
Archif6016629TeitlSS2000_0015_6 - NMR Site FilesLefelItemDisgrifiadTwo colour prints of the customs and excise office, Roath Basin, Cardiff Bay. Negative held.CyfrwngPhoto.Delweddaun
Archif6016631TeitlVS01_16 - Victorian Society South Wales GroupLefelItemDisgrifiadVictorian Society South Wales Group Tour Guide - Cardiff Tour 6 November 1994, report refers to Customs & Excise Building, Butetown, produced by Mary Traynor, 1994CyfrwngCartographic, Text.Delweddaun