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Statue Of Judge Gwilym Williams Of Miskin, Boulevard De Nantes, Cathays Park, Cardiff

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Archif6431841TeitlDS2015_033 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLefelBatchDisgrifiadDigital photograph of Statue of Judge Gwilym WilliamsCyfrwng2 images. Photo.Delweddaun
Archif6017447TeitlVS01_17 - Victorian Society South Wales GroupLefelItemDisgrifiadVictorian Society South Wales Group Tour Guide - Cathays Park, Cardiff Tour 5 November 1994, featuring description of statue of Judge Gwilym Williams of Miskin, by Jeremy Lowe, September 1994.CyfrwngText.Delweddaun
Archif6434645TeitlDS2015_033_002 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLefelItemDisgrifiadStatue from the southeastCyfrwngPhoto.Delweddauy
Archif6045246TeitlPSAW02_05 - PSA Wales Site ReportsLefelItemDisgrifiadPSA Wales Reports Historic Buildings Inspections, 29 March, 1989:SC155 Statue: Judge Williams,Law Courts, King Edward VII AvenueCardiff, Final Report Soft-bound textual report, including photographic and historic appendices, as well as cartographic material, all pretaining to the above monument.CyfrwngText, Photo, Cartographic.Delweddaun
Archif6431842TeitlDS2015_033_001 - Investigators' Digital PhotographyLefelItemDisgrifiadView from the east southeastCyfrwngPhoto.Delweddauy