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Trellech Villa Ge;medieval Borough

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Cyfeirnod MapSO50NW
Cyfeirnod GridSO5006005410
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Monmouthshire
Hen SirSir Fynwy
CymunedTrellech United
Math O SafleTREF
Trellech was one of the major towns of medieval Wales, the remains of which have been subject to many excavations (see below). It is most likely that the town was established for the exploitation of local supplies of iron ore and charcoal. Trellech was largely destroyed in 1291, as a result of a raid following a dispute over alleged deer poaching. The Black Death struck in 1340 and again in 1350. Attacks by Owain Glyndwr in the early 1400s further reduced the prosperity of Trellech. Trellech had 378 burgages in 1288, declining through the 14th century and unincorcorated by the 17th century.

(source:Soulsby 1982 (Monmouth Antiquary 4.3-4 (1981-2)), 41-4)

The archaeologically investigated areas of the medieval and later town include:
Area W of church (Nprn15514)
Area S of village (Nprn300132).
Associated with:
Motte/castle (Nprn306480)
Church (Nprn220997)
Churchyard cross (Nprn306508)
Possibly associated with Well (Nprn32405)
Harold's Stones (Nprn221159)
Fishponds (Nprn400331)

Possibly associated with cross (Nprn306488).
For medieval park see Nprn300337.

RCAHMW AP945063/46-52; 965072/42-9

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