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Trevor Pier;trefor Pier

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Cyfeirnod MapSH34NE
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Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Gwynedd
Hen SirSir Gaernarfon
Math O SaflePIER
Stone pier or jetty, 100m long, built in 1870 and later extended. It includes a small dock, measuring 30m x 8m, on its southern side.

Event and Historical Information:
The breakwater was constructed for the export of stone from a quarry on the slopes of Yr Eifl, which rises to the west. The quarry had been opened up by the newy formed Welsh Granite Company. The coastal loading facilies need to be improved and, around 1869, the present stone pier was built to allwo the use ofg side-tipping railway wagons and a steam crane, The quarry came into the ownership of Penmaenmawr & Welsh Granite Co Ltd in 1911 adn further extensions and modifcations were made. A timber pier was added to allow ships to be loaded on both sides. In the 1920s, a large concrete silo was erected to store crushed stone so that ships could be loaded by an elevated conveyor. Rail transport from the quarry to the quay was ended in 1959. The regeneration of the site in the mid-1980 included the removal of the stone hopper. The timber jetty extension has been subject to applications for demolition since 2005 (nprn 506779). The harbour continues in use by local inshore fishing vessels, sport divers, and sea anglers.

RCAHMW, August 2016.