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Bute West Dock, Cardiff

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Hen SirGlamorgan
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Work began on the dock in December 1834 and it opened in 1839. The sea walls are of grey-brown stone blocks with granite copings. The eliptical dock basin (nprn 34288) is some one and a half acres in extent, with steps to either side. There are recesses for pairs of dock entrance gates at the North and South ends.
(Source: John Newman, 'Buildings of Wales: Glamorgan', 1995, p. 265, and Site File notes by R.E. Bowen)
J. Hill, RCAHMW, 11/05/2004.

The Cardiff Amateur Rowing Club were based on the western side of the Bute West Dock from the 1850s until the 1890s when they moved to Llandaff Weir. Although it is not certain where exactly the Club were housed, newspaper reports are indicative of the Bute West Dock being used for rowing and other boating events through the nineteenth century.

Daryl Leeworthy, RCAHMW, 31 March 2011.
application/pdfAENT - Archaeological Reports/Evaluations (non Trust)Digital copy of Archaeological Desk-based Assessment on 'The Maritime Archaeology of the Welsh Coal Trade': produced by Wessex Archaeology, for Cadw. Report ref: 53111.02s-3.