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Elwy Bank;Bank of St Asaph, High Street, St Asaph

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Cyfeirnod MapSJ07SW
Cyfeirnod GridSJ0378074310
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Denbighshire
Hen SirSir y Fflint
CymunedSt Asaph
Math O SafleBANC
Elwy Bank, St Asaph, is a mid 18th century building of two storeys with a shop at ground floor and an attic. There is a central arched entrance. The drawing room retains murals.

Wallpaintings: series of figures concealed under wallpaper: one is heraldic, one emblematic, the rest may be portraits. Murals painted c.1825. See notes pages.

[Additional:] Murals uncovered in 2003 and photographed by RCAHMW. (RFS/RCAHMW/2004)
[Additional:] Simple painted border discovered when ceiling paper removed in room with painted gallery. First-floor projecting window on brackets restored. Information from Tom Smith 2 May 2007. (RFS/RCAHMW/2007)