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St Mary's Church, Swansea

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Cyfeirnod MapSS69SE
Cyfeirnod GridSS6559592927
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Swansea
Hen SirGlamorgan
CymunedCastle (Swansea)
Math O SafleEGLWYS

St Mary's Church, Swansea, the present church is the fifth or possibly the sixth, to be built on this site, and was re-built in the 1950's following damage during WWII. Documentary evidence indicates that wallpaintings were found during the demolition of 1896. These include a black letter inscription on the west side of the chancel arch, red vine and leaves on the east wall of the nave north of the chancel arch, which are probably medieval, a deep red recess, and the now destroyed Cradock monument.

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