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St Mary's Church, Swansea

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Cyfeirnod MapSS69SE
Cyfeirnod GridSS6559592927
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Swansea
Hen SirGlamorgan
CymunedCastle (Swansea)
Math O SafleEGLWYS
Present church is the fifth or possibly the sixth, to be built on this site, and was re-built in the 1950's following damage during WWII. Documentary evidence indicates that wallpaintings were found during the demolition of 1896. Sources; undated notes by A.J. Parkinson, RCAHMW; St Mary's church website, 2004.04.13/RCAHMW/SLE
[1] Inscription in black letter - paintings found during demolition of 1896 on W side of chancel arch: black-letter inscription
Morgan, East Gower 115
[2] red vine leaves & grapes - On east wall of nave,north of chancel arch, below [1]; 'red vine leaves and grapes'. Probably mediaeval
[3] painted recess - Plastered recess painted deep red Moragn East Gower, 112
Source: RCAHMW Wallpaintings Database. 2004.09.14/RCAHMW/SLE
List of inscriptions, plus notes about mid-19th century burials, compiled by sexton circa 1830-50. Details held at the British Museum - Ref Add.MSs 34061.
Ex. A.J. Parkinson, March 1975.