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Bathrock Shelter;Public Shelter, Aberystwyth Promenade;Bath Rock Shelter

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Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Ceredigion
Hen SirCeredigion
The Bathrock Shelter is situated on the seafront, at the northern end of Marine Terrace. The shelter is a Grade II listed building and is the larger of two purpose-built inter-war promenade shelters in Neo-Georgian style. It is an open shelter with recessed seating on all four elevations, separated by glazed partitions. The single-storey structure is hipped with simple diminishing square-section finials and asbestos tiles replacing original roof covering. Details include deep bracked eaves, paired columns at the gable ends, and columns defining the seating area on the long elevations. Rectangular glazing to the screens in the long elevation with vertical boarding below. Octagonal windows set in horizontal boarding lighting the gable end seating. The probable date of the structure is 1924. The street shelter opposite is dated 1925.

NJR/RFS, RCAHMW, 18 January 2011

The great storms of 3rd-6th January 2014 damaged the promenade in the vicinity of the shelter and knocked a hole in the west front of the bastion on which the shelter sits, exposing voids and footings of the pre-existing seafront bath house. The shelter then subsided into the void, prior to its removal for storage and restoration by Ceredigion County Council following advice from Cadw and the Royal Commission. Detailed photography of the shelter and void has taken place to document the damage and aftermath.

Heritage of Wales Blog:

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