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Conjoined Structures, Grassholm Island

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Cyfeirnod MapSM50NE
Cyfeirnod GridSM5977109323
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Sir Benfro
Hen SirSir Benfro
CymunedMarloes and St Bride's
Math O Safle
Douglas Hague identified and excavated a settlement comprised of several conjoined structures during a visit to the island in 1972. In the centre was a rectangular shaped house, 9.5 m by 8 m, constructed of mixed orthostats and coursed masonry, and standing c. 0.3 m high. This was abutted to the south by a slightly larger building, 9.5 m by 11.5 m and to the north by a rounded enclosure, 13 m in diameter. Field walls were traced radiating out from this cluster of buildings to the north and east. Their date is unclear, but they are possibly early medieval.

O Davis, RCAHMW, 21/01/13