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Tywyn 3, St Cadfan's Church, Tywyn

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Cyfeirnod MapSH50SE
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Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Gwynedd
Hen SirMerioneth
CyfnodCanoloesol Cynnar
Tywyn 3 is a cross-carved stone pillar, thought to be seventh to ninth century in date. The stone is thought to have have been buried at the hospital entrance gate at Bryn Paderau (Pater Noster Hill) some 500m south-south-east of Towyn, at the point where St Cadfan's Church (NPRN 43861) first come s into view. Modern Ordnance Survey mapping depicts the road connecting the two sites as 'Ffordd Cadfan'. The stone measures 244cm height x 29cm and the linear Latin cross (measuring 36cm height) is near the top of the monument. It has been suggested that the monument could have marked the extent of sanctuary or church land or possibly a pilgrim route. It has also been suggested that another (uncarved) pillar, Croes Faen (NPRN 302713), situated some 1km north-east of the church, could have fulfilled a similar function. Tywyn 3 was built into the tower (below the belfry window) of St Cadfan's Church in 1884. Another stone, Tywyn 2 (NPRN 302689), is also located inside the church. It is thought to be ninth century in date, and bears the earliest known inscriptions in Welsh. As the inscriptions are commemorative it is thought likely that the monument was located within the cemetery of St Cadfan's Church. Tywyn 4 (NPRN 419550), originally a sundial, is also currently located inside the church building, at its west end near Towyn 2.

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