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Wreckage (From The Solor?), Oxwich Beach

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In January 2016, the lowering of Oxwich Bean due to winter storms uncovered wreckage including internal steel partition walls, two clusters of wooden barrells (interior tarred) containing a white substance (lime), various small iron concretions and two metal cylinders. The discovery was reported by Arfordir voluteers to the Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust. The wreckage may be from the salvage operations associated with the recovery of the forepart of the SOLOR (see NPRN 274212). The tanker was torpedoed by the German submarine U956 on 27 January 1945 and beached at Oxwich on 29 janaury 1945. The cargo was discharged and the forward two thirds of the vessel refloated and taken to Briton Ferry for scrapping. Aerial photographs dating to 7 July 1946 show the foreward section of the vessel aground to the south of the concentration of wreckage (106G UK 1625 3306).

AP Collections 106G UK 1625 3306
Field visit by Maritime Officer, 9 Janaury 2016

Maritime Officer, RCAHMW, May 2016