Nid oes gennych resi chwilio datblygedig. Ychwanegwch un trwy glicio ar y botwm '+ Ychwanegu Rhes'

Llandysilio 2, Inscribed Stone, St Tysilio's Church, Llandysilio

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Cyfeirnod MapSN12SW
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Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Sir Benfro
Hen SirSir Benfro
CymunedLlandissilio West
Llandysilio 2 is an incomplete roman-letter inscribed stone. It may have come to light during the 1838 restoration of ST Tysilio's Church, Llandysilio (NPRN 308656), when it was built into the external south wall of the church (under the central window), along with two other inscribed stones (NPRNs 422416 and 422417) and a cross-carved stone (NPRN 422418).

The remains of the stone consist of five adjoining pieces which form part of a rough, unshaped boulder. The deeply incised Latin inscription is thought to date to the second half of the 6th century. It has been translated as `of Evolenggus son of Litogenus, here he lies?.

Sources include:
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N Vousden, 3 January 2018