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Llanwnda 6, Cross-Incised Stone, St Gwyndaf's Church, Llanwnda,

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Cyfeirnod MapSM93NW
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Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Sir Benfro
Hen SirSir Benfro
CyfnodCanoloesol Cynnar
Llanwnda 6 was found during the restoration of St Gwyndaf's Church (NPRN 308468) in 1881, buried in the wall. It is built into the external east wall of the south chapel, at ground level. The stone is one of eight early medieval cross-carved stones associated with the church (see NPRNs 422430-422435 & 92655) , suggesting it was an early ecclesiastical site of some significance.

The stone is of pyroxene-rich gabbroid dolerite and is the lower part of a rough shaft. Its top is missing and only one face is visible and its bottom is undecorated. It is carved with roll mouldings on both vertical angles. At the top is a roughly rectangular panel, carved with two diagonals composes of three parallel bands. Below is a human face with raised, lentoid eyes joined to a rectangular nose, below which is a half-circular mouth. Below the face are two more diagonals composed of three parallel bands forming two sides of a triangle, which meet below the pointed chin. The carving is thought to be later 10th- or 11th-century in date.

Sources include:
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N Vousden, 12 January 2018