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St Buan's Church

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Cyfeirnod MapSH33NW
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Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Gwynedd
Hen SirSir Gaernarfon
Math O SafleEGLWYS
Former Buan parish church, now deconsecrated. A church is mentioned here from the fourteenth century. The present building was originally built in the late eighteenth century. In 1809-11 it was said to be newly built but decayed. The church was recast into its present neo-Norman form in 1891-4.
The church consists of a nave and chancel, with north and south trancepts and a large tower above the central crossing. The walls are stuccoed with red sandstone dressings. It has slate gabled roofs. The interior retains much detail of 1891-4.

Source: CADW Listed Buildings Database (4264)

John Wiles 23.04.07

Commenting as part of the crowd-sourced project Crwydro in 2014, Alan Fryer noted that the church had been deconsecrated and abandoned. However, an anonymous user, commenting as 'x' stated that while the building had been deconsecrated in 1991, it was now privately owned and not abandoned.

Source: Crwydro 01.08.2014 and 09.11.2014