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Messrs W. Bythway And Co Brewery, Llanelli

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Cyfeirnod MapSS59NW
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Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Carmarthenshire
Hen SirSir Gaerfyrddin
Math O SafleBRACTY
The New Brewery in Llanelli was established in 1875 by Messrs W. Bythway and Co. Major William Bythway, J.P. had formerly been a manager at Buckley's Brewery, Llanelli, (NPRN 33296) but left over discontentment with his salary and conditions of employment. Messrs W. Bythway and Co. brewed at the New Brewery for twenty-one years before the business was amalgamated into Buckley Brewery Ltd. in March 1896 at a cost to Buckley's of £74,000, a price contested by Buckley's when a reassessment of Bythway's assists revalued the company at less than £20,000. However, at the time of sale, Messers W. Bythway and Co. included ninety-five tied houses and had produced an average of 12,727 barrels over the last three years, although most recent production had been less. The New Brewery site was disused shortly thereafter, and by the second half of the twentieth-century was in a state of severe dereliction. It has since been demolished.

Before it was demolished, the New Brewery was a large complex of closely situated elevations. From the entrance to the site from the west, the westernmost elevation was constructed of red brick with square-headed concreate vehicular entrances. Behind this, to the north there was a gabled four-storey tower, likely the brewing tower, with round headed openings and tall brick chimneys to at the north-west and north-east corners. To the north of the tower was a three-storey elevation of similar but slightly later construction, with large third-storey windows. To the south was a lower elevation of red brick. The brewery was supplied with water by a well to the south east.

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