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Pont Aber Leri Shipyard

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Hen SirMaritime
Sales particulars dating to 1862 show a short section of wharf on the west side of the Leri next to the road. It seems likely that 19th century shipbuilding activity, pre-dating the coming of the railway, would have been based around this wharf (the location of the modern boatyard).

Event and Historical Information:
In 1842, a shipyard was developed near the road bridge. The vessels built here included the sloops MARY AND ELLEN in 1843, MARY REES in 1842, CLAUDIA in 1850, PRISCILLA in 1855; the brigantine ISLAND MAID in 1851; the schooners GLEANOR and RESOLUTE in 1849; and smack CATHERINE in 1864. John Jones, the most prolific shipbuilder on the Dyfi in the 19th century, is known to have worked at Ynyslas.

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