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Dwelling House of Ynyslas

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Hen SirCeredigion
The house, encircled by streams, is depicted on the early chart of the mouth of the Dyfi compiled by Lewis Morris in 1740 and on T Lewis' map of Cor Fochno dating to 1790. The house is referred to in Sales Particulars dating to 1862 as having a cart house, which appears to be adjoining according to the accompanying map. The fields associated with the then tenant, William Evans, are to the east. The house became associated with the East Wharf saw mill developed by Jones and Griffiths. It appears that the carthouse was converted into a dwelling as, in Sales Particulars dating to 1910, the house and carthouse are described as 'two cottages and premises known as Ynyslas cottages'. At that time, the buildings were in the occupation of Messrs Richard Fuller and John Griffiths at a combined rental of £9 2s per annum.'

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Maritime Officer, RCAHMW, January 2010.

application/pdfRCSR - RCAHMW Digital Site ReportsNon-Intrusive Survey of Ynyslas Nature Reserve:Aberdyfi Estuary carried out by RCAHMW 2012 and updated 2014.