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East Wharf, Aberleri

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The river frontage is collapsed in places.

Events and Historical Information:
The piled front of the wharf was first driven in October 1863 by the railway company to allow barges towed by the hired company tug JAMES CONLEY to bring in materials for the construction for the line. At this time, the promoters of the railway believed that the mouth of the Leri might be developed into a port to rival Aberdyfi. At the northern end, the mouth of a drainage channel joining to the Leri may have provided the turning point for the paddlesteamer ELIZABETH which operated on the ferry service from 24 October 1863 until 1868. On 16 February 1871, the railway's traffic manager reported that wharf was no longer needed for railway construction and that Jones and Griffiths, timber merchants of Aberdovey, would rent it for £10 per annum. The OS 1st edition map shows the main siding with a small branch line running behind three wharf frontage buildings and the Jones and Griffiths saw mill complex.The East Wharf fell out of use after the sawmill transferred to the West wharf in 1896.

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