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Sheepfold, Bodesi, Dyffryn Ogwen

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Cyfeirnod MapSH66SE
Cyfeirnod GridSH6755661121
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Conwy
Hen SirSir Gaernarfon
CymunedCapel Curig
Math O SafleCORLAN

A less complex 'buarth' (multicellular sheepfold), the outer perimeter of which measures approximately 28m long by 17m wide on the slopes below Rhiw Las, close to the farm of Bodesi, Dyffryn Ogwen and located in an area of extensive pastoral activity spanning a long period.

The functional structure consists of a large paddock, measuring aproximately 87m long by 89m at its widest, on the fairly steep uphill side of a sorting fold at the SSE end. Distinct remains of a drystone wall run up the centre of the paddock and, on the basis of surrounding area wall patterns, seems to be a long-defunct field wall, possibly of the mediaeval period, rather than a part of the later sheepfold unit. The drystone elements of the fold, when built, appear to have formed five cells. In more recent times, wire fencing and gates have adapted the fold so that it has eight cells.

The fold was witnessed and photographed in active sorting use during the autumn sheep gather of October 12, 2023. Altitude of 380m OD.

Reference: John Rowlands FRAS, October 2023.

RCAHMW, 2023.