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Leighton Park Farm: Piggery, Leighton Estate

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Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Powys
Hen SirMontgomeryshire
The Piggery at Leighton farm is a circular, multi-level structure connected via a ground level corridor and underground tunnel to a similar structure to the east. At ground floor level the building is constructed of brick, and consists of an outer wall and a concentric inner wall which defines an open, central, slurry well. There is little evidence of internal divisions within the ground level building, but is appears from 1931 estate sales details that a wall defined a short passage from the adjacent building and a feeding passage around the centre of the space. The floor in this area slopes gently from the outer to the inner wall, allowing for drainage of slurry into the central well which is accessed via a single doorway leading through the inner wall to a ladder which accesses the base of the well. Externally an outer concentic wall defined an open air area which was subdivided into pens by a number of walls radiating out from the circular building.

From the base of the slurry well, which is approximately 6 metres in diameter and constructed of yellow brick, eight arched doorway lead to a series of four concentric underground passages, each with further arches in line. A concrete walkway leads from the inner to the outer wall, and then in a anti-clockwise direction to a drainage outlet. A further two outlets are present elsewhere, supporting the fact that the wells purpose was to collect slurry into the farmwide slurry distribution system. To aid this there are two small apatures allowing water to drain into the well aiding the washing of the slurry down into the drainage system.

The ring-shaped internal area is roofed with a series of radiating trusses which are formed to allow for two different pitches seperated by a vertical ring of square openings which hold alternate windows and ventilation slats. The pitched areas of the roof are slate covered.
RCAHMW 11th August 2008
text/plainDSC - RCAHMW Digital Survey CollectionArchive coversheet from an RCAHMW digital survey, to produce three-dimensional modelling of the circular piggery at Leighton Farm, Welshpool from existing two-dimensional survey drawings. Carried out by Susan Fielding, 11/08/2008.