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Crug Hywel Camp

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Cyfeirnod MapSO22SW
Cyfeirnod GridSO2255020670
Awdurdod Unedol (Lleol)Powys
Hen SirBrecknockshire
CymunedThe Vale of Grwyney
CyfnodYr Oes Haearn

Crug Hywel hillfort is located upon Crug Hywel (Table Mountain). The fort is tear-drop shape in plan, tapering towards the northwest end, and encloses an area roughly 100 metres northwest-southeast and 50 metres northeast-southwest. The interior slopes towards the southeast end. The fort is entered through the northeast side, through a gap in the rampart and inner defensive wall roughly 8 metres wide. The inner defensive wall has collapsed to 5 metres wide and approximately 0.3 metres tall. The rampart wall is better preserved, standing to a maximum of 2 metres high, although it has become flattened on the south and southwest sides. The vertical distance between the bottom of the rampart and the top of the inner wall is roughly 10 metres. Two hut platforms and a hut circle are located against the inside face of the inner wall on the northwest side of the fort. There is also evidence of a round building to the south of the entrance. The ground cover was grass at the time of survey.

N.A. Vaughan, ArchaeoPhysica Ltd, 09 May 2007