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Landshipping House Garden Earthworks

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The earthwork remains of formal gardens associated with Landshipping House lie to the immediate south-east of the site of the old house. The immediate topographical context is that of gentle to moderately sloping ground, falling from about 34m to 15m above sea level over a distance of about 280m.

The recorded remains comprise plots of rectilinear cultivation beds, some of which lie on artificially raised terraces and others forming a pattern of chevrons, a group of enclosed tree mounds, a raised walkway and four excavated ponds. These all lie within the scheduled area which includes one of two walled gardens. A second walled garden adjacent to the first was not measured, though some nearby earthworks, possibly referring to the old house, were recorded. The field to the immediate east of the scheduled area was also surveyed in order to record some amorphous earthworks here; their relationship to the gardens is unclear and they may refer to later buildings. All the earthworks now lie within fields enclosed by walls, demolished or partly demolished, and banks. The disposition and character of the earthworks are best appreciated by using the site plan in conjunction with aerial photographs.

The garden walls, two ponds and boundaries are depicted on the First and Second Edition Ordnance Survey 25-inch map of Pembrokeshire XXXIV, sheet 3 (1888 and 1907).

C.S.Briggs, RCAHMW, 18 October 2005
application/pdfCPG - Cadw Parks and Gardens Register DescriptionsCadw Parks and Gardens Register text description of Landshipping House Garden Earthworks, Martletwy. Parks and Gardens Register Number PGW(Dy)35(PEM).