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Manylion y Safle

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NPRN 10006

Cyfeirnod Map SS97NW

Cyfeirnod Grid SS9067779912

Awdurdod Lleol Pen-y-bont

Hen Sir Morgannwg

Cymuned Bridgend

Math o Safle CAPEL

Cyfnod Ôl-Ganoloesol

Disgrifiad o´r Safle As early as 1896 the original Hope Chapel in Queen Street (NPRN 97227) was struggling to house its growing congregation. In 1901 it was decided to build on its present site, which was leased from the Earl of Dunraven from May 1906. The decision proved providential, because fuelled by the Revival of 1904/6, twenty eight people were baptized in May 1904 alone and the evening services had to be transferred to the Town Hall.

Plans were drawn up for a new church; the design was to be Gothic with traceried windows in the front, meeting the requisite vision of it being 'of an imposing appearance' and the building is gable entry in plan. The three bay façade has polygonal turrets flanking a large, Geometrically traceried window to the centre. The central doorway is flanked by stepped buttresses, in turned flanked by cusped lancet windows lighting the gallery stairs.

Internally the chapel is dominated by the exemplar gallery, which is unusual in being of a cantilevered design, removing the need for supporting columns. The gallery is made particularly attractive by the sinuous shape of the gallery front which sweeps round from the transepts to circle around the north end, and the palmette style decoration of the cast iron front. Equally exceptional is the open baptism pool which sits directly infront of the pulpit; accessed by short steps to either end. This pool unusually sits above the floor level of the Sedd Fawr within a marble platform. The pool is fronted by an alabaster parapet on which is inscribed ' with Him in Baptism'. The curved pews are set in three blocks on a reaked floor to both ground and gallery level, following the curve of the gallery front. The pulpit, decorated with Arts and Crafts style tracery, sits infront of a Perpendicular pulpit arch which is flanked by two Gothic arches forming doorways to the rear vestry and steps to basement schoolroom. The windows are decorated with Art Nouveau/Arts and Crafts leaded tracerry using coloured glass.

RCAHMW, May 2015

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