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Cau Ailosod

Chofnodion Archifol am CROES YNYD INN

Rhif Catalog Cofnod Casgliad Disgrifiad Canolig
424675 Threatened Buildings Drawings File of dyeline copies of architect's drawings of Groes Hotel. Received through RCAHMW's threatened buildings recording work, and removed from case file. graffig
553992 Caernarvonshire Parish Files Notes, mss text, plans and drawings, O.S. map extract, newspaper cuttings, a booklet, black and white photographs, and correspondence relating to sites in the parish of Llangelynin: Map reference 8NE and 8SE. testun;ffotograff;graffig;cartograffig
543726 RCAHMW Field Notes Sketch plans and drawings relating to various sites in 'Llangelynin' [Henryd]. graffig
613149 NMR Site Files Photo survey of buildings at Croes Ynyd carried out by RCAHMW 1950. ffotograff
435960 Emergency Recording Collection Croes Inn, Conwy; plans and elevations received in the course of Emergency Recording case ref no ER/CA/2004/034 filed in nprn order. testun;graffig
619160 RCAHMW Dendrochronology Project Collection Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory Report no 2014/33 relating to the tree-ring dating at Groes Inn, September 2014, commissioned by The North West Wales Dendrochronology Project in partnership with RCAHMW. testun;ffotograff;graffig
613150 NMR Site Files View showing rear of building. ffotograff