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NPRN 265387

Cyfeirnod Map SH46NE

Cyfeirnod Grid SH4949266874

Awdurdod Lleol Ynys Mon

Hen Sir Môn

Cymuned Llanidan


Cyfnod Ôl-Ganoloesol

Disgrifiad o´r Safle Park, grounds and gardens associated with Llanidan House or Hall (NPRN 15733), an early seventeenth century and later mansion.
The park and grounds were laid out at the same time as the house. The park is a fan shaped area whose base lies along the shore of the Menai Strait with the house and grounds at its apex. This and the grounds were walled from the start. The park had pleasant avenues and the grounds were composed of evergreen enclosures, orchards and gardens. The walled garden west of the house (NPRN 15735) belongs to this period.
The park and grounds were developed through into the twentieth century and are depicted on early editions of the OS County series (Anglesey XXIII.5 1889, 1900). The main axis, from the house, down through to park to the shore, was enhanced in the early nineteenth century when a ha-ha (NPRN 15734) was built between the grounds and park and a bank at the bottom of the park concealed the muddy foreshore, with small plantations framing a pristine view of the Strait and the mountains beyond. A boathouse was built further along the shoreline. In the same period the walled garden was cut back, opening up a larger area of lawns and shrubberies south & south-east of the house.
The house was approached by two long drives, the north drive withy a lodge and gates where it met the public road. Where it approached the grounds this drive was lined by narrow plantations and flanked by ha-has.
In the western part of the grounds Ffynnon Nidan, traditionally a holy well (NPRN 32166), fed a pond or pool.

Source: Register of Parks & Gardens in Wales (1998), 18-22

John Wiles 24.07.07

1. Parklands & Gardens of Wales No:PGW.GD46 Grounds incorporate St Nidans Church.
LLANIDAN is an ancient site incorporating a circular churchyard with yew trees and a holy well. Early seventeenth-century features remaining include the walls of a walled garden and traces of a formal park. Llanidan has a small but well preserved late eighteenth-century landscape park in an exceptional position on the Menai Strait, with well framed views to Snowdon. Its sophistication, with a sea shore bank and very fine ha-ha, suggests that a professional landscaper may have advised on the layout. -52; 1772-1802; 1802-82; c. 1937; 1984 onwards. CSB after Register. RCAHMW. 29th November 2004.

2. This garden is depicted on the Second Edition Ordnance Survey 25-inch map of Anglesey XXIII, sheet 5 (1900). Its main elements on that map include relict hedgelines, jetty, woodland with vista paths, boathouse, woodland, walled garden, terrace, kitchen garden, pump, pond, parkland, haw haw, greenhouse, contrived antiquity, well and kennels. C.H. Nicholas. RCAHMW. 7th August 2006.

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