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NPRN 266066

Cyfeirnod Map ST28NE

Cyfeirnod Grid ST2888985326

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Disgrifiad o´r Safle 1. Parklands & Gardens of Wales No:PGW.GT48
Associated with: Tredegar House (Nprn 20907).
Includes: Gates/gate piers (Nprn 20908), Gatehouses (Nprn 301696) and Warren (Nprn 24533).
RCAHMW AP94-CS 1442-6, 1450-1
RCAHMW AP945158/65-70; 965104/69-70; 965105/42

2. Tredegar Park makes up the original grounds to Tredegar House, one of the most magnificent 17th century buildings in South Wales. Important parts of its grand late l7th-century layout survive, including garden walls enclosing both `restored' and modern gardens, with a gatescreen, and avenue. The basis for restoration of the spectacular restored `inorganic parterre' is questionable. Much of the l8th-century landscape park and later planting survives, but there are also modern gardens, some of them in the modern public park.c. l680 - l720; l790s; l870s

3. Redevelopment of part of the formal gardens documented during RCAHMW aerial reconnaissance on 24th June 2003.
T. Driver

4. This garden is depicted on the Second Edition Ordnance Survey 25-inch map of Monmouthshire XXXIII, sheet 7 (1901). Its main elements on that map include parterress, smithy, walled garden, walk, deer shelter, deer park, boathouse, kennels, kitchen garden, woodland, formal garden, avenues, sundials, orangery, relict hedgelines, parkland, lodges, lawns, greenhouses, fountain, a possible second formal garden, isolated geometric copses, carriage drive, river, sunken Italianate garden, bowling green, maze and a pump.
C.S.Briggs 19.05.06

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