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Disgrifiad o´r Safle 1. Parklands & Gardens of Wales No:PGW
Associated with: Haroldston House (Nprn22040).

Haroldston House Garden Earthworks
The remains of formal gardens lie to the immediate north, south and west of the ruins of Haroldston House. Earthworks include terraces, enclosures and mounds, all lying within an area of about 3.5ha.

2. Although depicted on the Second Edition Ordnance Survey 25-inch map of Pembrokeshire XXVII, sheet 12 (1907), little idea is given either of the type of built or earthwork remains.
C.S.Briggs 18.10.05

3. On the south side of Haverfordwest, once occupying an elevated and delightful spot but now bounded on the north by a bypass, railway and modern sewage works, are the ruinous remains of one of Pembrokeshire's oldest houses. Haroldston was the home of the important Perrot family from 1370 to the early eighteenth century. Sir John Perrot was born here in 1530 and went on to remodel the castles at Carew and Laugharne. The ruins of the house, parts of which date back to the medieval period, include the remains of the Steward's Tower, an expansive courtyard and a vaulted range to the west. Haroldston has well preserved garden earthworks which include an L-shaped raised walkway just to the south of Steward's Tower, garden terraces and a sunken garden extending to the north. These formal gardens are believed to date back to the late sixteenth century. From the air the formal gardens show up well, particularly in low, raking winter light. A new survey was made of the gardens by RCAHMW in 2005/6 (RCAHMW, 93-cs-0002; AP_2005_2765).

Extract from: Driver, T. 2007. Pembrokeshire, Historic Landscapes from the Air, RCAHMW, page 181, Figure 257.
T. Driver, 28 June 2007

4. Note earthworks to south of main complex, discovered during RCAHMW aerial reconnaissance in 2005 and recorded as a southerly extension to the garden earthworks (NPRN 407933).
T. Driver, RCAHMW, 17th July 2008.

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