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Awdurdod Lleol Blaenau Gwent 

Hen Sir Mynwy

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Disgrifiad o´r Safle The settlement of Tredegar, situated at the North end of the Sirhowy Valley, was developed between 1809 and 1818 as one of the few early planned industrial towns in Wales. The creation of the Sirhowy Ironworks and later the Tredegar Iron Company turned Tredegar into a boom town: the population growing from 1,132 in 1801 to 34,685 in 1881. During the 1860's deep mines were sunk in the area, primarily to feed the furnaces producing iron. The company Tredegar Iron and Coal was formed in 1875, and developed the conversion of the Balance Pits to Steam driven Pits. This greatly enhanced coal production. The subsequent increase in population created a need for an increase in house building. It was during this time that the southern end of the town was developed with terraced workers housing. The Tredegar Iron and Coal Company was in existence until 1946 when it came under the National Coal Board.

Tredegar has strong links with the history of the Labour Party and the Labour Movement in the UK. It was the birthplace of Aneurin Bevan and Neil Kinnock.

Associated with:
Approximately 55 chapels of different nominations
Tredegar Ironworks (Nprn 34142)
Town Clock (Nprn 32888)
Cholera Cemetery (Nprn 403539)

RCAHMW, 2009.

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