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Chofnodion Archifol am HUT CIRCLES, S.W. OF CAER BACH

Rhif Catalog Cofnod Casgliad Disgrifiad Canolig
553992 Caernarvonshire Parish Files Notes, mss text, plans and drawings, O.S. map extract, newspaper cuttings, a booklet, black and white photographs, and correspondence relating to sites in the parish of Llangelynin: Map reference 8NE and 8SE. testun;ffotograff;graffig;cartograffig
543726 RCAHMW Field Notes Sketch plans and drawings relating to various sites in 'Llangelynin' [Henryd]. graffig
42148 NMR Site Files Round Hut SW of Caer Bach Hillfort, Henryd; descriptive account produced by Brian Malaws, dated 22 February 1990. testun