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Cau Ailosod


Manylion y Safle

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NPRN 303515

Cyfeirnod Map SH97NW

Cyfeirnod Grid SH9154576375

Awdurdod Lleol Conwy 

Hen Sir Dinbych

Cymuned Llanddulas and Rhyd-y-foel

Math o Safle BRYNGAER

Dosbarth Cyffredinol AMDDIFFYN

Cyfnod Yr Oes Haearn

Disgrifiad o´r Safle NAR SH97NW12

A massive stone-walled, sub-oval enclosure, about 400m north-west to south-east by 100-360m, occupying an isolated hilltop. It is enclosed by the tumbled ruins of a massive drystone wall with elaborately inturned entrances. On all but the north-west side the enclosure rests on precipitous craggy slopes and here further works extend the enclosed area by some 200m.
The site was roughly excavation in 1905 (Gardner 1910) produced a fragment of Roman pottery. In 1978 142 Roman coins were found close by the fort. These are considered to have formed two third/fourth century hoards (Brewer 1980).

Sources: Gardner in Archaeologia Cambrensis 10 (1910), 70-156
Brewer in the Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies 28.4 (1980), 747-50

J.Wiles 22.11.04

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