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Manylion y Safle

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NPRN 303541

Cyfeirnod Map SN65SW

Cyfeirnod Grid SN60535283

Awdurdod Lleol Ceredigion 

Hen Sir Ceredigion

Cymuned Llangybi (Ceredigion)


Cyfnod Canoloesol

Disgrifiad o´r Safle Ffynnon-Wen, also known as Ffynnon Gybi, is located some 460m south-west of St Cybi's Church (NPRN 419061). According to local tradition, people would bathe at the well on ascension eve, then sleep on Llech Gybi, a large stone supported by uprights. It was said that if the sick person slept there they would recover, if not, it was a sign of death. This tradition was still known locally in 1913. Llech Gybi may have been located in the vicinity of the church, although it is noted to have been 'an arrow's flight from ye well'. The well was said to cure limbs and eyes, as well as posessing mineral properties that would cure scrofula, scurvy and rheumatism.

In 1954 it was noted that the well was formerly roofed, and the water flowed into a bath around which there were seats to accomodate the bathers. It was noted to have been in a fair state of repair in 1913. People still collect water from the well today.

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