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cy Cyferbynnedd
Cau Ailosod


Manylion y Safle

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NPRN 303751

Cyfeirnod Map SN33SE

Cyfeirnod Grid SN37183470

Awdurdod Lleol Sir Gaerfyrddin

Hen Sir Caerfyrddin

Cymuned Llangeler

Math o Safle CRUG CRWN

Cyfnod Yr Oes Efydd

Disgrifiad o´r Safle 1. A centrally disturbed circular mound, c.16m in diameter & 1.8m high.
(source Os495card; SN33SE8)

J.Wiles 27.10.03

2. Aerial photography on 13th April 2010 showed mound to be clipped by modern ploughing, although preserved under grass. A rectangular earthwork feature was observed on the west side of the mound. This appears to be too small to be a long house, but is evidently structural, and may be a post medieval addition to the mound.
T. Driver, RCAHMW, 15th April 2010.

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