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Manylion y Safle

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Awdurdod Lleol Sir y Fflint 

Hen Sir Fflint

Cymuned Hawarden

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Cyfnod Anhysbys

Disgrifiad o´r Safle The village of Hawarden in the old County of Flint has two castles.The ruined 13th century castle was used by Edward I as a base for his invasion of Wales. It was captured by Dafydd, brother of the Welsh Prince, Llewellyn ap Gruffydd, in 1282. The new castle was William Ewart Gladstone's home after his marriage to Catherine Glynne, heiress to the Hawarden Estate.

Hawarden was once a thriving market town, where in the 18th and 19th centuries the production of coal, iron and bricks flourished. Businesses included John Rigby's iron foundry, established in the 1770s and closed in 1854 and the Castle Hill Farm complex which was established in the early 19th as Fox's Brewery and continued as a working brewery until 1950.

Gladstone founded St Deiniol's Library at Hawarden in 1890 as a centre for Christian learning and a place for study. It is now a library and conference centre.

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