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Awdurdod Lleol Powys 

Hen Sir Maesyfed

Cymuned Llandrindod Wells

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Cyfnod Cyffredinol

Disgrifiad o´r Safle Llandrindod Wells is an extensive 18th-19th century spa resort. During the mid-18th century the 'healing qualities' of the local spring waters attracted visitors to the area resulting in an economic boom with the building of an hotel at Llandrindod Hall. A period of relative decline during the late 18th and early 19th centuries was reversed with the construction of the Heart of Wales railway line making Llandrindod accessible from the Midlands and North West of England, and South Wales. Enclosure of the common in 1862 enabled expansion of the town with the construction of new streets, hotels, shops and houses. Reorganisation of local government in 1974 resulted in Llandrindod becoming the capital of the newly-formed administrative county of Powys. This led to an influx of people employed by the new bureaucracies, boosting the town's economy.

The architecture of the town includes many buildings in ornate styles dating from the boom period of the Victorian and Edwardian eras including the Metropole and the Glen Usk hotels, the Albert Hall theatre and former county hall building adjacent to it. There are also buildings in the Art Deco style including two striking former garages, Pritchard's and the Automobile Palace.

The Automobile Palace was begun in 1906 and initially completed in 1911. It was founded by Mr Tom Norton and formerly known as "The Palace of Sport" becoming "The Automobile Palace Ltd." in 1925. In 1906 Mr Norton started one of Wales' first public bus services and soon after brought aviation to Mid-Wales, becoming involved in early passenger aircraft. The first Ford Agency for Wales was in this building as well as, from 1918, the Austin Agency for most of Wales and that of Ferguson Tractors.

A Victorian Festival, known locally as Victorian Week, is held annually in the town.

RCAHMW, 2009.

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