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cy Cyferbynnedd
Cau Ailosod


Manylion y Safle

NPRN 402198

Cyfeirnod Map SN68SW

Cyfeirnod Grid SN62658348

Awdurdod Lleol Ceredigion 

Hen Sir Ceredigion

Cymuned Trefeurig

Math o Safle CRUG CRWN

Cyfnod Anhysbys, Yr Oes Efydd

Disgrifiad o´r Safle Cropmark of a concentric ring-ditch feature, the inner circuit being 14m in diameter having a central (pit?) feature & an apparent west-facing entrance gap, the outer, more substantially defined circuit, about 25m internal diameter, has a north-east facing entrance gap: features represent a barrow, surviving up to 1.0m high in the 1950's: excavations, in 1986, examined ring ditches with later prehistoric burials & cremations immediately to the west & an inhumation cemetery, late Romano-British/early medieval, to the north (see Nprn310262): a similar ring ditch feature is recorded about 330m to the north-west (Nprn305836), whilst further ring ditches are known nearby at Nantsiriol (Nprn90562).

Sources: Murphy 1993 (Arch. J. 149), 1-38;
Driver & Charnock 2001 (Stud. Celt. 35), 341-50.

J.Wiles 21.12.04

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