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NPRN 91719

Cyfeirnod Map SS97NW

Cyfeirnod Grid SS925790

Awdurdod Lleol Pen-y-bont

Hen Sir Morgannwg

Cymuned Bridgend


Dosbarth Cyffredinol DIWYDIANNOL

Cyfnod 20fed Ganrif, Modern

Disgrifiad o´r Safle The former World War Two Royal Ordnance Factory at Waterton, on the outskirts of Bridgend, was an overspill branch of the Woolwich Arsenal in London; it opened in 1938. Designated ROF No.53, it was used for making naval shells which were filled and stored underground at the other part of the facility adjacent at Brackla (nprn 308124). At its peak, some 40,000 people worked in the two factories - the highest ever employed in one establishment in the UK. Bridgend ROF, not including Brackla, covered an area of approximately 2.2km E-W by 1.3km and is now largely rebuilt as an industrial estate, although some remnants, including air raid shelters, pill boxes (e.g. nprn 270400) and other defences (e.g. nprn 270541), are still visible. An extensive internal railway system served the complex and there was a railway station for workers, Tremains Halt, on the South Wales main line which formed the northern boundary of the site.
Accommodation was provided for employees in the form of a wooden-hutted camp (nprn 31802) at Island Farm nearby, but it was not used for its intended purpose.
B.A.Malaws, RCAHMW, 24 March 2003.

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