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Cau Ailosod


Manylion y Safle

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NPRN 94799

Cyfeirnod Map SH97NW

Cyfeirnod Grid SH93617670

Awdurdod Lleol Conwy 

Hen Sir Dinbych

Cymuned Abergele

Math o Safle BRYNGAER

Dosbarth Cyffredinol AMDDIFFYN

Cyfnod Anhysbys

Disgrifiad o´r Safle NAR SH97NW15

A massive hillfort crowning an isolated hill on the escarpment above the coastal levels.
This is a sub-rectangular enclosure about 186m north-south by 130m. On the east and southern sides the enclosure rests and relies upon steep natural slopes. Elsewhere it is defined by a bank, perhaps a ruined wall. There is a pronounced inturned entrance on the west.
Monuments such as this are usually dated to the Iron Age, although many were maintained and some were founded anew, through the Roman period and beyond.

J.Wiles 07.11.03

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