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Cardiganshire County History Collection

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Rhif Catalog C845801

Cwmpas a chynnwys Material relating to the production of the two Cardiganshire County History volumes. Volume 1, 'From the Earliest Times to the Coming of the Normans' , edited by J. L. Davies and D. P. Kirby, was published in 1994. Volume 3, 'Cardiganshire in Modern Times', edited by Geraint H. Jenkins and Ieuan Gwynedd Jones, was published in 1998. Both were published by University of Wales Press, Cardiff.

Casgliad Cardiganshire County History Collection

Cyfrwng testun;ffotograff;graffig;cartograffig

Dyddiad 1974

Cyfeirnod CCH

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C845801 Cardiganshire County History Collection - Lefel Casgliad
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